After 2 years of thorough research and testing, Alex Solar launched it’s first G1 Solar Pump Controller in 2005.  In September 2013 We received our Patent Certificate!  This first of it’s kind system allows you to use any 3-phase motor for your borehole water without needing Eskom, Generator or Battery power.

How it works

Solar panels supply power to your G1 Solar Pump Controller.  The Controller is fitted with power tracking, speed control and interface.  This complete system drives borehole pumps to any kW’s and application for different pressure pumps and ordinary 3 phase systems without the use of any battery back-up or battery use in operation.  Solar power is the only supply of energy to drive the above system.

Smart features:

  • In the morning and in the afternoon, the inverter will decide if there is enough power to drive the pump.
  • During the day, if there are clouds, it will drop the speed of the pump and increase again as the clouds disappear.
  • Too many clouds will stop the pump.  The auto time period check on the controller will start the pump up again when the sun is out.

Pump Monitoring

The Pump Monitoring System is available as a add on option to you G1 Solar System. Check pump status from any device, anywhere in the world!

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Water Delivery Tables

Which pump should you use with your new G1 Solar Pump Controller?  Use our water delivery tables to help make an informative decision and see how much water you can pump.

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Installing your G1 Solar Pump Controller is easy.  Please refer to our comprehensive Installation Manual for instructions.  Alternatively contact us and we can support you with your installation.

Installation Manual

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