Alex Solar

Unique solar pump system - generation 3
Unique solar pump system
  • any depth
  • go green and save
  • very effective
  • any amount of water
  • no batteries required
  • New or existing "dompel" pump

This unique solution for borehole pumps works on alternating current meaning any 3-phase pump motor can be used.  It also eliminates the need for expensive batteries because of it's unique design. Whereas other solar pumps are limited to the depth and volume of water, this G1 solar pump controller is not. The kW output is unlimited. This pump is also cost effective when it comes to repairs compared to other solar pumps available in the market.

Water delivery tables

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What our clients say

I've gone green!  My entire farm, including my borehole uses solar technology.  Thank you Alex Pumps for your outstanding service and solar solution. 

Johan - Aliwal North, Eastern Cape

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Water Delivery Tables

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